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  • How to choose a Glass Dining Table

    How to choose a Glass Dining Table

    Glass dining tables are very classy and elegant, there are a perfect choice for your dining area if you want to brighten up the room. They are also very easy to clean and decorate. what are the different types of glass dining tables? read the following lines to know more about this amazing style! Rectangular Dining Table: This type of table can be suitable for large numbers of guests, they are, for this reason the most commonly used ones. If you want to give a modern touch, get etching done on the transparent glass. Circular glass table: This is the best choice for you if you prefer intimate gatherings as it always brings people closer making it easier for them…

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  • How to Choose the Right Dining Table

    How to Choose the Right Dining Table

    When you decide to shop for a dining table you will find that there are plenty shapes and sizes . but how can you tell Which one is right for you? The design of your table is important, of course, but to be sure that its suitable your space and gives your guests enough seating space is even more crucial .Here’s how to find a dining table that works for your dining area space. the table needs to allow for the guests you invite to be seated comfortably and still leave enough room for to walk around it. The width of your table should be at least 36 inches wide so there is ample space for place settings as well…

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